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Boat Cradles

WMW Cradles are designed for quick "on/off" access

  • WMW boat cradles are professionally designed and manufactured to provide maximum stability and support for power boats and are one of the safest methods of hull support.
  • Cradles are built with strong  "hot rolled" steel construction and can be adjusted to fit any hull size up to 35 feet
  • Cradles are engineered to offer a bow high altitude preventing any water build up at the bow end
  • They are easily assembled and provide sufficient ground clearance for easy on/off access
  • Cradles are light weight and can be easily relocated or stacked
  • Boat cradles come galvanized or painted to suite the local marine environment and are endorsed and used by marinas and boat yards throughout Canada and the United States

The Benefits of Using WMW Cradles

  • Quick on/off load as there no requirement to level independent jack stands or adust wooden blocks
  • No more wooden blocks to buy and store
  • Cradles can be easily stacked during the boating season and require little time to assemble
  • Can be used to temporarily store boats for maintenance or valet service
  • Designed to distribute weight load over a greater area of the hull
  • Narrow frame design to allow yard trailers and forklifts to easily set boat on cradle
  • Cradles are engineered to allow for proper drainage during the off season
  • Easy to disassemble/reassemble
  • No moving parts so they are virtually maintenace free
  • Provides a cost effective solution in comparisoin to other methods used for storage
  • Can be used on any flat surface gravel or pavement yard

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